Intelligent Manufacturing Logistics

It can realize the interaction and seamless connection of the factory information system, and the material information can be connected up and down, improve the accuracy, timeliness and effectiveness of distribution, change the tedious and disordered manual operation procedures, reduce the labor cost, and help to improve the level of warehouse automation and intelligence.

Elevator Docking

As the most frequently used vertical transportation tool, elevator has become an indispensable part of vertical transportation. With the development of intelligent elevator and the progress of Internet of things technology, the interaction objects with elevator are not only limited to people, but also include a variety of AGV. Besides conveying passengers, materials, food, documents and so on are gradually becoming popular.

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Elevator Docking

For the pallet materials accurately placed on the elevator conveying platform, the height is raised. After lifting to the designated position, the lifting platform conveyor will transport the pallet materials to the docking conveying line; for the pallet materials flowing from the vertical warehouse conveying line to the elevator conveying platform, the height is lowered, and after falling to the specified position, the pallet materials are removed through the jacking AGV.

Docking of Vertical Storage

Logistics is an important part of modern production, and automated warehouse is an important part of modern logistics system. Through the automated warehouse, it is convenient to automatically, accurately and quickly realize the transportation, storage and picking of goods, accelerate the turnover of logistics and improve the production efficiency. As an important conveying device in the transportation part of automated warehouse, AGV plays an important role in the efficient and normal operation of the warehouse.

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The vertical warehouse with more complex structure, more functions, complete supporting equipment, high precision shelves and more flexible storage of goods has higher technical requirements for relevant operators. Only trained personnel can be competent for warehouse operation. At a certain logistics peak, the warehouse needs a large number of goods circulation and transshipment. Adopting AGV operation can effectively standardize the operation process, simplify the complexity, and adapt to the large volume of goods circulation.

Unmanned Forklift Garage

In the production and manufacturing process, the unmanned forklift truck is used to complete various production scenarios in the production line and warehouse. According to the different requirements of import and export, production line, up and down line, assembly line, transmission line, station, shelf, operation point, etc., various functions are realized. Therefore, it is necessary to select the appropriate unmanned forklift solution according to the requirements of application scenarios. In addition, an effective unmanned forklift intelligent logistics project involves more than equipment. Instead, they should be treated as complex solutions, including devices, control software, wireless communications, sensors, dedicated navigation technology, system integration and technical support, and sometimes layout reconfiguration.

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Automatic Palletizing and Docking

The traditional manual palletizing can only be used in the occasions of light materials, large size and shape changes, and small throughput, which can not meet the needs of the industry. Robot palletizer is the extension and expansion of the functions of the hands, feet and brain of the staff. It can replace people to work in dangerous, toxic, low temperature, high temperature and other harsh environments; it can help to complete the heavy, monotonous and repetitive work, improve the labor productivity and ensure the product quality.

Slam Lift AMR

LiDAR SLAM navigation vehicle, through the increase of lifting device to connect the upper and lower parts of the workshop products, to achieve intelligent scheduling of the factory.

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SLAM - roller AMR

The robot of the second and third generation mobile technology is called the traditional AGV (automated guided vehicle), while the robot of the fourth generation mobile technology is called AMR (autonomous mobile robot), or laser slam navigation AGV. It is connected with the intelligent roller transportation system of the factory to realize the rapid transportation of finished materials between traffic and intelligent scheduling of the factory.

Unmanned Forklift Shuttle Rack

Shuttle shelf belongs to a kind of storage rack. Its storage mode is similar to that of through type rack, but it is no longer limited to the first in first out mode. It can realize the first in first out mode and meet the delivery demand of products with shelf life. The shuttle shelf is operated in the storage channel by shuttle truck, while the through shelf needs to drive the forklift into the channel for storage and retrieval, Therefore, in the access efficiency and security, shuttle rack is undoubtedly much better than through type shelf.

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