Dense Storage

Compared with the traditional storage system, dense storage system makes full use of the warehouse space resources, and can effectively and orderly store more goods in the Slimited storage space. Due to the rational use of storage space, its warehousing operation speed becomes faster, which not only increases the storage volume of goods, but also shortens the storage time of goods.

Unmanned Lateral Forklift in Narrow Aisle

In the warehouse narrow common road, the lateral forklift often needs to carry on the work, the lateral forklift moves along the transverse guide rail. The fork is located on the side of the forklift and there is a cargo platform on the side. The gantry and fork of the lateral forklift are on one side of the vehicle body. When the car body enters the passage, the fork faces the shelf or cargo stack, so it is not necessary to turn before loading and unloading.



The most common way of ground storage is to manually drive the forklift truck to place the pallet on the ground, that is, to put it into storage. Based on the progress of modern technology and the innovation of the application of warehousing and logistics automation technology, the intelligent automation method instead of manual forklift to do ground stacking storage has gradually appeared:

Automation equipment replaces all manual operations to standardize the operation of ground stacking and warehousing;

The ground cargo space is allocated and managed by the system, which realizes the electronic and intelligent ground cargo location;

The automatic equipment completes the ground storage action, with high repetition accuracy, and the overall ground stack shape is neat and uniform;

Automatic equipment and Warehouse Information Management System WMS can be directly connected to realize the unmanned warehouse.

Unmanned Tri-lateral Forklift in Narrow Aisle

The use of narrow aisle shelf, unique three fulcrum chassis structure design, make the AGV landing effect better; variable speed hydraulic lifting system, taking and placing goods more stable, high precision.


Unmanned Forklift Shuttle Rack

Shuttle shelf belongs to a kind of storage rack. Its storage mode is similar to that of through type rack, but it is no longer limited to the first in first out mode. It can realize the first in first out mode and meet the delivery demand of products with shelf life. The shuttle shelf is operated in the storage channel by shuttle truck, while the through shelf needs to drive the forklift into the channel for storage and retrieval, Therefore, in the access efficiency and security, shuttle rack is undoubtedly much better than through type shelf.

Ground Pallet Stacking

There are two kinds of floor support storage, which are stacking items on pallets or directly on the ground. When stacking, it can be stacked against the wall to improve the stability of the cargo stack, and bags can also be stored in this way. This stacking method can be divided into row and column stacking and area stacking.


Double Deep Unmanned Forklift Truck

The key advantage of dual depth applications is that they reduce the number of work aisles, thus saving half of the floor space. For the cold storage or dangerous goods warehouse with higher space cost, the double deep forward moving forklift is more helpful to reduce the construction and operation cost of warehouse.